Porsche at a Glance

Porsche is one of the world's most successful luxury automotive manufacturers (based on 2021 unit sales in the global luxury automotive segment; source: S&P Global, "S&P Global Mobility Light Vehicle Sales Forecast", April 2022). Porsche believes that its iconic brand is synonymous with design and engineering heritage, racing legacy, performance, modern and sustainable luxury, prestige, innovation, technological achievement and reliability.

Porsche - Iconic brand and heritage
Iconic brand and heritage
Porsche is a brand with a long tradition and a strong fan base around the world. We have been building luxurious sports cars for almost 75 years and can look back on a unique success story.
Porsche - Structural growth
Structural growth
We believe that we operate in a structural growth environment offering several key benefits that we believe underpin and enhance our growth prospects. Porsche considers itself to be well placed to serve the growing global demand for luxury, outstanding technologies, sustainability and exclusivity.
Porsche - Performance culture
Performance culture
We believe that a key driver for our past and future success is the people-centric performance culture we have cultivated. Porsche seeks to imbue its "Porsche family" with certain core values: passion and enthusiasm, a pioneering spirit aimed at driving innovation and the agility to adapt quickly in a constantly changing environment.
Porsche - Ambition for sustainability and electromobility
Ambition for sustainability and electromobility
Our ambition is that, in 2025, over 50% of new vehicles delivered will be electrified vehicles and, in 2030, over 80% of new vehicles delivered will be BEVs. Operationally, we are working towards a net carbon neutral value chain in 2030.
Porsche - Modern luxury with scale benefits
Modern luxury with scale benefits
We have an attractive position at the intersection of luxury pricing and scale, strengthening our position as a luxury brand and our economic performance, while our origins and racing heritage reinforce our image as the maker of iconic luxury sports vehicles.
Porsche - Compelling financial performance
Compelling financial performance
We believe to offer investors a compelling financial proposition due to our attractive positioning in the market, strong pricing strategy and profitability and sustainable cash generation, which we believe collectively form the basis for compelling potential shareholder returns in the future.