Porsche at a Glance

Porsche is one of the world's most successful luxury automotive manufacturers (based on 2021 unit sales in the global luxury automotive segment; source: S&P Global, "S&P Global Mobility Light Vehicle Sales Forecast", April 2022). Porsche believes that its iconic brand is synonymous with design and engineering heritage, racing legacy, performance, modern and sustainable luxury, prestige, innovation, technological achievement and reliability.

Key Financials (December 31, 2023)

€ 40.5 bn

Sales Revenue

18.0 %

Return on Sales1

25.7 %

Automotive EBITDA margin2

10.6 %

Automotive Net Cash Flow margin3

12.8 %

BEV Share

1 Ratio of Group Operating Profit to Group Revenue (Non-IFRS measure)

2 Ratio of Automotive EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) to Automotive Revenue (Non-IFRS measure)

3 Ratio of Automotive Net Cash Flow to Automotive Revenue (Non-IFRS measure)

Road to 20

The Porsche team continues to set itself high targets for the future. In 2023, the company started its ambitious Road to 20 programme, with which Porsche is aiming for a Group operating return on sales of more than 20 per cent in the long term. “With the Road to 20 we are making Porsche even more resilient and our brand stronger than ever,” says Meschke. “And we’re going to take a fresh look at everything, from our product range and pricing to our cost structure. We want to increase the quality of our contribution margins and make our products even more attractive.”

Mission 2030

“In the beginning, I looked around and could not find quite the car I dreamed of. So I decided to build it myself.” With this aspiration, trailblazer Ferry Porsche set the tone for the future. It is now more than 70 years since he built the 356 and created the Porsche sports car brand. Since then, his words have lost none of their appeal. Quite the opposite, in fact. Ferry Porsche’s statement perfectly describes the current mission with which the company is shaping the future.

Vision 2030

The company’s vision carries Ferry Porsche’s mindset into the future: “The brand for those who follow their dreams.” This explicitly includes the employees. Chairman of the Executive Board Oliver Blume says: “Porsche epitomises freedom and independence – and the inner drive to achieve goals. To this day, nothing has changed in that regard. We want to help our customers realise their lifelong dreams.”

Goals 2030

Porsche has defined its goals based on the four stakeholder dimensions of customers, society, employees and investors. In keeping with this vision, the company aims to be the most recognised brand in the world and one that particularly excites its customers. 

Sustainability is now an even bigger priority. As a company, Porsche wishes to be balance-sheet CO₂-neutral by 2030 – across the entire value chain. The sports car manufacturer voluntarily has its sustainability achievements in the areas of the environment, society and responsible corporate governance rated annually by the sustainability rating agency ISS ESG. Porsche has set itself the goal of being classified as one of the leading companies in the automotive industry in this rating. 

Porsche is also rising to the financial challenges of transformation. The company is investing heavily, among other things in sustainability, innovation, digitalisation and training. Despite this necessary financial effort, Porsche is sticking to its strategic target of a return on sales of at least 15 per cent and a return on investment of at least 21 per cent.