Porsche AG Share Price

In this section you will find information on the Porsche share in addition to the current share price. Since the IPO on September 29, 2022, an investment in the Porsche share is possible.

Shareholder structure

Porsche AG's subscribed capital in the form of no-par value bearer shares comprises a total of 911,000,000 shares (455,500,000 unlisted ordinary shares and 455,500,000 listed non-voting preference shares), each representing a notional interest in the share capital of 1 euro.

As far as Porsche AG is aware, the ordinary shares are held indirectly by Volkswagen AG and Porsche SE. The majority of preferred shares are, as far as is known, held indirectly by Volkswagen AG. Additional preferred shares are distributed among institutional and private investors.

Basic information

Number of outstanding shares
Share capital911,000,000
Ordinary shares (not listed)455,500,000
Preferred shares (listed)455,500,000
Basic information preferred share
Main stock exchangeFrankfurt Stock Exchange
Porsche AG preferred shares (WKN)PAG911
Porsche AG preferred shares (ISIN)DE000PAG9113
Bloomberg ticker symbolP911
Start of trading29. Sep 22
Paying agentDeutsche Bank AG

Frequently asked questions

How is the dividend policy of Porsche AG? What will be the amount paid reg. the Dividend 2022?

Porsche AG currently intends to pay an annual dividend of approximately 50% of the Group’s profit after tax attributable to the shareholders of Porsche AG according to IFRS in the mid-term, subject to legal restrictions with respect to the distribution of profits and available funds and subject to prevailing market conditions and the economic situation at the time of the distribution.

For the Fiscal Year 22 Porsche AG intends to pay a first dividend (the “Dividend 2022”)which would be payable in 2023 in an amount of EUR 911 million (plus the extra dividend of EUR 0.01 per Preferred Share), irrespective of the transfer of Porsche AG’s earnings after taxes for the year to Porsche Holding Stuttgart GmbH under the profit and loss transfer agreement (Gewinnabführungsvertrag) between Porsche AG and Porsche Holding Stuttgart GmbH. The Dividend 2022 is planned to be a symbolic absolute figure and the implied pay-out ratio will not necessarily be representative of the mid-term target pay-out ratio. The distribution funds, if any, will be raised by dissolving free capital reserves (Auflösung freier Kapitalrücklagen).

The Fiscal year 22 dividend will be an ordinary dividend. As Porsche Holding Stuttgart GmbH is entitled to Porsche AG’s entire earnings after taxes for 2022, the Dividend 2022 towards all existing shareholders will be paid by dissolving free capital reserves of Porsche AG. Further, the dividend will be decided at the 2023 Annual General Meeting and distributed to all existing shareholders, so that there is no difference to a regular distribution in this respect either.

Which shares in Porsche AG were part of the Initial Public Offering (IPO)?

The share capital of Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft (“Porsche”, “Porsche AG” or the “Company”) amounts to EUR 911,000,000 and is divided into 455,500,000 non-voting preferred shares (the “Preferred Shares”) and 455,500,000 ordinary shares (the “Ordinary Shares”). The Porsche AG IPO was limited to Preferred Shares only.

What are the differences between Preferred Shares and Ordinary Shares?

The Preferred Shares carry no voting rights in the Company’s annual shareholder meeting but holders of Preferred Shares will receive an additional dividend of EUR 0.01 per Preferred Share on top of every dividend that Porsche pays out to its shareholders.

Where are the Preferred Shares of Porsche AG listed?

The Preferred Shares of Porsche are listed on the regulated market (regulierter Markt) of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Frankfurter Wertpapierbörse) with simultaneous admission to the sub-segment of the regulated market with additional post-admission obligations (Prime Standard).

Are the Preferred Shares also listed on any other exchange in Germany or any other country?

At this point in time the Preferred Shares are not listed on other (regulated) stock exchanges.

Will the Preferred Shares be included in an index?

The potential index inclusion of the Company’s Preferred Shares depends on various parameters, in particular on the market capitalization, the free float and the trading volumes. MSCI announced on 29-Sep-2022 that Porsche will be added to the MSCI Global Standard Indexes effective on 13-Oct-2022 (Index announcements - MSCI).

What is the difference between Porsche Automobil Holding SE and Porsche AG?

Porsche Automobil Holding SE (“Porsche SE”) is the holding company of the Porsche and Piëch families with investments in the areas of mobility and industrial technology listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. In particular, it holds the majority of the ordinary shares in Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft, one of the leading automobile manufacturers in the world and the parent company of the Volkswagen Group comprising AUDI AG, SEAT S.A., ŠKODA AUTO a.s., Porsche AG, TRATON SE, Volkswagen Financial Services AG, Volkswagen Bank GmbH as well as in numerous other companies in Germany and abroad.
Porsche AG is one of the world’s most successful luxury sports car manufacturers and among the most profitable automobile manufacturers (based on 2021 unit sales in the global luxury automotive segment; source: S&P Global, “S&P Global Mobility Light Vehicle Sales Forecast”, April 2022). Porsche believes that its iconic brand is synonymous with design and engineering heritage, racing legacy, performance, modern and sustainable luxury, prestige, innovation, technological achievement and reliability.