1. Scope

This cookie policy applies in addition to the general privacy policy for our website (date 16.04.2021) and provides extra information about the type, scope and purpose of data processing for cookies and cookie-like technologies (hereinafter, for the sake of simplicity, also referred to as "cookies").

2. Controllers, data protection officers, data subject rights

For information on the controllers and their data protection officers as well as your rights as a data subject regarding the use of cookies, please refer to the generalprivacy policyfor our website.

3. Categories of personal data

When we refer to the categories of data processed in this Porsche Cookie Policy, we mean in particular the following data:
master data(e.g. names, addresses, dates of birth),contact data(e.g. e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, messenger services),content data(e.g. text entered, photos, videos, contents of documents/files),contractual data(e.g. object of the contract, terms, customer categories),payment data(e.g. bank details, payment history, use of other payment service providers),usage data(e.g. history on our website, use of specific content, access times, contact or order history),connection data(e.g. device information, IP addresses, URL referrer),location data(e.g. GPS data, IP geo-localisation, access points),diagnostic data(e.g. crash logs, performance data of the website/app, other technical data for the analysis of faults and errors).

4. Categories of cookies and similar technologies

Cookies are text files that are stored or read by a website on your end device. They contain combinations of letters and numbers which enable us to recognise the user and user settings when the user returns to the website which set the cookie; they also enable the user to stay logged in to a customer account and allow us to statistically analyse a certain user behaviour.

The WebStorage technology enables the local storage of variables and values in the user's browser cache. The technology includes so-called 'sessionStorage' which remains stored until the browser tab is closed as well as 'localStorage' which remains stored in the browser cache until the cache is emptied by the user. The localStorage technology enables, among other things, recognition of the user and user settings when the user comes back to our website.

Cookies/similar technologies can only be accessed from the Internet address where the cookie was set. This means that we cannot access the cookies set by the service providers involved. They cannot access our cookies either. Third parties cannot access our cookies or those of the involved service providers. Third parties may only gain access by technical attacks which we cannot control and for which we are not responsible.

Pixel tags are small graphic files which are loaded from the severs of the respective service provider when a user accesses our website. This also includes loading of the program code which enables the collection of data (e.g. regarding your user behaviour while visiting our website).

The cookies used on our website can be divided into three categories: technically required cookies, cookies for the analysis of range and performance, and marketing cookies. While technically required cookies are always stored when you visit our website, you have the option to decide whether or not you wish to allow the use of cookies for the analysis of range and performance as well as marketing cookies. You can change your settings at any time. Please note that blocking certain types of cookies can impact on your experience of our website and/or the services and functions available there.

For general information on the cookies used, please refer to the sections and detailed views below ('Your cookie settings on this website').

Your cookie settings on this website:


5. Location of Processing

The processing of personal data collected by means of cookies is generally carried out in the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA) or in third countries for which the European Commission has confirmed an adequate level of data protection in accordance with Article 45 (3) GDPR. However, in particular the third-party providers used may have their registered office in third countries such as the United States of America (USA), which do not have a level of data protection corresponding to that under the GDPR, or process the data there. In such cases, we observe the requirements of Articles 44 et seq. GDPR and, where possible, take measures to bring the level of data protection in line with the standard of the GDPR by means of appropriate guarantees, in particular by concluding standard data protection clauses/standard contractual clauses as issued by the European Commission pursuant to Article 46 (2) (c) GDPR. In this respect, a transfer may also take place if this is necessary for the performance of a contract or the implementation of pre-contractual measures pursuant to Article 49 (1) (b) and (c) GDPR.

As far as cookies for analysis as well as for (potentially personalized) marketing are concerned, which are only used on the basis of consent, the corresponding declaration of consent pursuant to Article 49 (1) (a) GDPR also includes the fact that the data may be processed in third countries outside the EU, which do not have a level of data protection that complies with the GDPR. For more information on the location of processing for the cookies used, please refer to the sections and detailed views below ("Your Cookie Settings"). Please note in connection with giving consent that due to the different legal situation in the third countries, there may be latent risks that transferred data may not be processed in accordance with the GDPR (e.g., by the third party providers merging the data with other data and using it for their own purposes, and you may not be able to exercise data subject rights such as rights to access and deletion against it as would be possible under the GDPR). In particular, local authorities in the respective third country could gain access to the data without providing you with effective legal protection or enforceable rights as in the EU.

In the settings for cookies and similar technologies on our website, you have the option to voluntarily consent to the use of technologies for analysis as well as for marketing individually or in general and revoke them at any time for the future.

If you do not wish to use certain technologies or cookies in general, you can also prevent them from being stored on your end device by setting the appropriate settings on your end device and/or internet browser.
You can select 'Do not accept cookies' in your Internet browser settings. The process for managing and deleting cookies in your Internet browser settings is detailed in the help menu of your Internet browser. You can also block all cookies using free Internet browser add-ons such as 'Adblock Plus' (adblockplus.org/de/) in combination with the 'EasyPrivacy' list (easylist.to) or 'Ghostery' (ghostery.com). Access to similar technologies such as WebStorage content or pixel tags cannot be excluded in every case.

Stored cookies can be deleted at any time in the system settings of your device and/or Internet browser.

Please note that the functionality and range of functions of our offer may be limited if you block cookies or similar technologies or do not give your consent to their use.